The FDL Center  (FDLMCAC)
Freedom Diversity Love MultiRacial Community "Action" Resource Center
Founded by The Rt. Rev. Dr. H.D. Haywood, Sr., (Bishop Haywood) in a collaborative effort of building relationships with ethnic leaders, businesses owners,
law enforcement officials, educators, clergy and community advocates,  The FDL Center was first birth out a racist attack on Bread of Life Church when the
words: KKK-NIGGERS was written in the snow in 6-10 foot block styles letters in the snow in front of the Boyle Home (where the church was located at the time)
the day after Christmas in 2001.  

An FDL Pledge was created by the pen of Bishop Haywood to encourage community members to stand against such acts.   Numerous copies of the pledge
was given out, however, little support was given to the program at the time. The FDL Center hopes to assist like organization in their formative stages with the
support that it did not receive in the early years.  

Freedom Diversity & Love: Unique in its structure, The FDL Center will serve as a venue and organization open to ALL people in our community throughout
Fond du Lac City & County where special attention will be given to the growing ethnic minority populations and duel understanding relationships with longtime
White citizenry. The FDL Center positions to function as the main organization within the community whose primary purpose is to assist, support and house all
such groups in the area whose mission is to build bridges of understanding, tolerance and cooperation relative to race, color, ethnicity and target areas of
culture as it relates to everyday life. The mission of The FDL Center is to provide opportunities for ALL people to learn, celebrate and share through
cross-cultural experiences, direct action, and sharing of resources.

FDL Community Outreach Ministries is a creation of: BREAD OF LIFE CHURCH & MINISTRIES which has been in the community Since June 11th, 2000.  
Many have expressed to us that we have made a significant change and added much needed opportunities for true Multicultural/Multiracial worship in the
community. We further attempt to expand multiracial worship by bringing others into the community for the purpose to create fellowship.  This while creating a
secondary forum  for those who felt disenfranchised because of race, mixed race/biracial, biracial relationships and/or lower economic status.  With very little
to no personal resources we have (for the most part) quietly assisted families and individuals with personal domestic needs as well as human rights issues
related to public and private social concerns.

(FDL-C-PAC) Freedom Diversity Love -Christian- Public Action Council is a non-profit nondenominational Christian-Based Citizen Action Committee; founded
by Rev. Dr. H.D.Haywood, Sr., (the Bishop).  After a series of incidents of racism, and covert hindrances and intolerances were (and continue to be) committed
upon the Bread Of Life Church, it's members and others in the minority and disenfranchised community, action had to be taken.  Because our Pastors: Bishop
H.D. & Pastor Bev Haywood personally found themselves often dealing with the numerous complaints, injustices and hopeless dilemmas that people
throughout the community would come to them with,  a Christian organization was formed.  

The organization had to be Christian-Based, although members need not be Christian but not afraid to deal with hard issues head on, and in a godly way (see
also our Nonsectarian group: FDLCAC.  Most of these serious perpetual life issues received little or no resolve, and unusually were not even looked into in
any real-committed and non-compromising way by any organization, church or city department in Fond du Lac city or county.  Although there are and have
been a few organizations in Fond du Lac city and county that have, and are addressing issues as best as they can, and as fast as they can, we do not feel
that their process or method/s is, or should be, all inclusive and/or the only course.